to participate in one of our Farmwork Programs

Thank you for your interest in the farm work program!

So you have the basic requirements:

  • Driving licence for manual transmissions
  • Age between 18 and 30 years; and
  • sufficient basic knowledge of English to understand directions and safety instructions.

That‘s great!

The application procedure is as follows:

  • Please fill out our two forms:
  1. the adjoining online short form for our initial assessment of your suitability; and
  2. the following credit card form with signature. As soon as we have received a (smartphone) photo of it, your registration is binding.
  • We will check that the program is suitable for you, clarify the availability of your desired start date and debit the credit card with the deposit of AUD 500.
  • The training farm then asks that you to fill out a more detailed online form, which, in addition to the details necessary for registration, will also inform the type of job offers that you will receive during training. You will also need to upload some other documents such as a short CV, a portrait photo and a copy of your passport (picture page).

Please download and fill out the following form. Then take a picture of it with your smartphone (please check readability) and send it by e-mail to:

Credit Card Form Pic

Short application form

    * Application for the following farm work program:

    * Title:

    * First name:

    * Last name:

    * Citizenship as per passport:

    * Age:

    * Telephone number (with country code):

    * E-mail address:

    * desired start date (this must be a Thursday):

    two more alternate dates, please:

    * Do you have a license for manual transmissions?
    yesnoI'm in the process of getting one

    * What agricultural or trade skills do you have?:

    Do you have any questions,
    or do you want to tell us something else?:

    Mandatory fields are marked with *.