Farm work: Cattle watching you


To be eligible to participate in the work and travel program, you must:

  • be between 18 and 30 years of age when applying for the visa (Canadian, French and Irish: up to 35 years of age)
  • hold a valid Australian working holiday visa. You can apply for this visa online via the Department of Homeaffairs website.
  • have basic English communication skills, particularly regarding instruction and advice on workplace safety
  • possess a passport valid for at least six months longer than your planned departure from Australia
  • possess a driver’s licence for manual cars from your own country.  An international licence is only necessary if you intend to rent a hire car.
  • possess comprehensive travel insurance (see “Links”)
  • have a credit card with at least A$900 credit available for personal expenses until payment of your first wages (or the same amount in cash).
  • Citizenship of:
    United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Canada, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Estonia or Taiwan
    or one of these countries (cap of visas per year per country in brackets):
    Argentina (3,400), Austria (200), Chile (3,400), China (5,000), Czech Republic (500), Ecuador (100), Greece (500), Hungary (200), Indonesia (4,100), Israel (2.500), Luxembourg (100), Malaysia (1.100), Peru (1.500), Poland (1,500), Portugal (500), San Marino (100), Singapore (2,500), Slovak Republic (200), Slovenia (200), Spain (3,400), Thailand (2,000), Turkey (100), Uruguay (200), USA (no cap, participants should already be a High School graduate or have some form of tertiary qualification or experience) and Vietnam (1,500). Source: Department of Homeaffairs

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