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Program Schedule

Our work and travel program commences each week on a Thursday and starts the moment your plane touches down in Brisbane. On arrival you will be met by one of the training farm personnel who will provide you with some general arrival information and take you to the desk of our transfer partner. They will provide transport to the hostel in Brisbane where you will stay for four nights prior to commencing your training course.


This preparation period lasts nine days and always starts on a Thursday. After your arrival in Brisbane, a welcome lunch will be provided near the hostel where you will stay for your days in Brisbane.

Here you will also get an Australian SIM card for your smartphone, so that you can be reached at any time, and you will complete the application for your Australian tax number. You will also visit the bank to confirm your identity for the account registration that you organised before you left your home country. You will have free time in Brisbane to acclimatise and get used to the time difference until the following Monday.

Training farm

Farm Work Program: motorbike training

Cross-bike Training

The following Monday morning you will be picked up from the hostel and taken to the training farm belonging to the chief trainer Clinton Kenyon – it will take about three hours. Once there Clinton and his wife Tina will look after you, brief you, feed you and you will have four nights of comfortable accommodation and five days of Aussie farm work experience.

For the rest of the week, you will undertake an intensive farm work preparation program on the training farm, with a strong emphasis on work safety. You will receive full board, accommodation and hands-on practical training in small groups. This training covers many skills needed on the farm including motorbike riding, tractor and heavy machinery driving, riding and horse handling, mustering of cattle, chainsaw work etc (more details under training farm).

Just as important are the other young people that you will meet during your time at the farm. Fellow participants come from all over the world and lots of friendships are formed here on the training farm. Many who arrived on their own end up working and traveling with others they met through the program.

The right job for you

During your time on the training farm, the staff will assess your skills and work ethic and discuss with you the range of jobs on offer that suit your skills, interests and abilities. You will then be offered a number of jobs to choose from the more than 1800 employers who are looking for suitably prepared young workers.

Once you have chosen a job to your liking, you can Skype with the employer to gain a clear picture of what the job entails and what is expected of you. By the end of your training week, you will have decided on your first job and the training staff will assist you in organizing transport to get you there. Your employer will be informed that you are on your way and will be there to greet you on your arrival. It’s that easy!

On-going support

But our program does not stop there. We provide you with a 24/7 support service for the duration of your working holiday visa. So if you want a second or third job after taking a holiday or have any problems with your job placement, just let us know. Our program provides you with work for the duration of your visa, guaranteed!

And if you’d like to extend your stay beyond 12 months, we can help you there too. As long as you have worked with at least one Australian employer for at least 3 months, for a small extra fee, we can help you extend your working holiday visa and find you work for a second year, guaranteed.

One program, two variations

The regular Working Holiday Visa is valid for one year. However, many Work and Travellers do not want to work for that long. Some do not have that much time to spend in Australia, and others only want 3 months of farmwork to fulfill the requirements for a second Working Holiday Visa.

For all of these people we have the “4 Month Plus Programme” with a job guarantee for three months, at a price starting at AUD 3,400.

For those who want to enjoy their Working Holiday Visa to the full with farmwork, we have the “365 Day Programme” with an extended job guarantee for a full year at a price starting at AUD 3,700.

The preparation and farm training provided are the same for both programs. The only difference is the period of the job guarantee. In practice, this means that a job is always guaranteed after the training. And even with the 4 Month Plus Programme, there are no problems with staying longer in the job.

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