Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I pay to find work in Australia?  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just arrive and find work myself?

Of course that’s an option, but it is not as easy as it sounds. In most cases you have to travel to a job site just to apply, costing you time and money. Once you arrive, the job may not be suitable, you may not have the right skills or the job may have been taken by one of the thousands of other backpackers also looking for farm work.

By joining our program you will be work ready and be offered a range of suitable, well paid jobs across the country, giving you the work and travel experience you are looking for, hassle free.

How can you guarantee I will find suitable well paid work?

The training farm works closely with over 1,800 farm businesses across Australia that are looking for suitably trained young people for both short and longer term work. With over 20 years of experience, the training farm makes sure you are job ready and matches your skills, interests and abilities with the many hundreds of jobs available. With so many jobs on the books, you are guaranteed work no matter what your skills or interests are.

Are women as suited for the farm work or do the farmers prefer men?

Generally speaking, Australian farmers are more interested in a person’s attitude and work ethic than whether they are male or female. So as long as you’re willing to ‘give it a go’, almost all jobs are open to everyone. Some employers, however, do prefer employing women, especially where machinery is involved or where the job requires greater attention to detail.

Can friends or couples work at the same farm?

Most of the time friends and partners can be placed together but it might take a little bit longer and possibly might not happen straight after the training week. Couples have a good chance of working together if one of them is happy to take on domestic chores and/or help with the farmer’s children. So it is possible but might reduce your choice of jobs and possibly result in a delay of placement.

What sort of accommodation will I be provided with on farms? Will I be living with the family or alone or with others working on the farm?

This depends very much on the individual farm. In many cases you will be living with the family as the farms are usually family owned and run. Some farms also have separate accommodation for people working on the farm where you may be living with other young workers. The important thing is that you will be informed what the conditions are before you commit to a job. Many of our clients end up living in farm cottages with other young work and travel people and all report that they “had a great time”.

Will I be able to extend the program?

Yes, if you work in certain rural area for at least 88 days you are eligible to extend your work and travel visa for a second year. If you already know that you are going for a second visa let the staff of the training farm know by the time of your arrival.

What happens if I feel absolutely unhappy in a job?

That is not a problem. If you have a valid reason why you cannot stay in a particular job, all you have to do is contact the training farm and they will find and arrange a replacement job for you to go to.

Will my mobile work outside Australia’s bigger cities?

There are gaps in mobile phone coverage in some rural areas of Australia so be prepared that you might not have mobile phone reception on the farm you’ll be working at.

Do I need a motorbike license to be allowed to ride a farm bike?

No, you do not need a license as long as you only ride on the farm (which is private property).

What advantages do I have if I book with Highschool Australia?

As agents for the training farm, we do not charge you for our services. We are based here in Brisbane and work for you in sorting out any problems that you may run into. We are available to answer any questions you may have about the program, we help you with the bookings and are here to help solve any issues that arise during your work and travel stay in Australia 24/7.