Training farm

The Training Farm

A key component of our work and travel program is the training farm “Hidden Gold Homestead” near Moffatdale, Queensland. On the training farm you will gain the skills demanded by our employers, including the operation of tractors and the handling of livestock, and all aspects of on-farm safety. Each of the trainers looks after a small group of participants to ensure you get the one-on-one training you need to master these skills.

Our work and travel participants come from all over the world. Most will have met during their first four days in Brisbane and at the farm you will learn new things together and help each other. More often than not the first plans of traveling together will be made over a barbecue at the training farm, exchanging information and forming friendships.

Farm Work: Motorbike riding training

Farm Work: Cross bike riding training

The skills you will learn at the training farm include:

  • Driving, maintaining and understanding tractors.
  • Assembly and use of tractor implements such as forks, buckets, slashers and post hole drills
  • Riding of motor bikes for mustering cattle and for boundary fence checking
  • Horse-riding for mustering stock together with horse care
  • Livestock management
  • Safe handling of chainsaws
  • Fencing
  • Working safely on farms and in the outback

Hospitality, domestic work and children

Those of you who wish to work in hospitality, in a household and/or with children will do the farm skills training week like everybody else.

All jobs are in rural areas and the skills taught on the training farm are relevant to all jobs on offer. Employers put great emphasis on basic training and your willingness to give everything a try and get dirty doing so.

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Training Farm: Lunch on the verandah

Training Farm: Lunch on the verandah